Essay Writing

Know About Different Types of Essay for Becoming Expert Essay Writer

Essay Writing is the basic skill of any writer and essays are not just limited but they are of diverse types. From the different types of essays, we are discussing a few very commonly known ones in this article. Specialist writers of all kinds of essays might be different in skill-set, still, if you can research and are good in language, then you can try and write any of these.

Essays of primary, secondary, middle, high and intermediate school levels differ in terms of length, language and understanding. And even higher-level essays are written by college students and research scholars. So, essay-writing is not a child’s play but the task of well-educated men and women.

  1. Narrate Your Story Frankly in a Narrative Essay

    A Narrative Essay is the one in which the writer is the first person and narrates his or anyone else’s story or experiences. In such essays, the writer has to use the singular first person ‘I’ while narration. These essays are also considered as personal essays and help in self-evaluation, story-telling, using restorative questions and generating answers, etc.

  2. Paint a Picture for Readers in a Descriptive Essay

    A Descriptive Essay is about describing something or someone in words and painting an image of it in front of the readers. This could also involve the use of illustrations like pictures, diagrams, examples, etc. It could fall in the category of an illustrative essay, depending upon the description elements.

  3. Put the Facts Clearly in an Expository Essay

    An Expository Essay is something based on balanced analysis of the chosen topic and it could contain the representation of facts in the form of the census, charts, graphs, scales, related examples, etc. It could also be termed as an analytical essay because of its nature. Such essays are a true representation of something and therefore are completely objective in nature.

  4. Convince the Readers through Your Persuasive Essay

    A Persuasive Essay is something in which, the writer uses facts and figures to convince the readers about something. It contains facts, still, it is subjective in nature because those facts are used for convincing the readers. In this, the reader can also present their own thoughts about the facts and if the readers’ thought processes are similar, then they would certainly agree to those.

    Generally, a researcher writes a mix of the expository and persuasive essay but the expository style is used more. It is because the researcher is generally based on existing facts and new developments that are to be done accordingly. One cannot change something that is true and the extent of subjectivity becomes very limited in research.

  5. Be Polished Enough to Grow Yourself As an Essay Writer

    Whatever type of essay you are writing, the basic requirement is having a hold on the respective language and not making any mistakes in writing. You cannot get away with writing just anything in the name of the essay, instead, you have to be careful and particular. Then only, you will be able to create a good piece of writing.

So, this was all about different types of essays that you are asked to write in different scenarios. After knowing about these, you can choose your favorite type and start working the same to polish your writing skills for different purposes.